ISO 9001-2000 Certificate of Compliance
Raneka Inustries Ltd. is an Integrated Steel Foundry, with an impressive line up of plant and machinery to cater to various casting needs. All the operations from melting of scrap to finishing of products are taken care off within the company’s premises. 
  • Core Making Facility
  • Pattern Making facilities
  • Machining Facilities 
  • Testing
  • Finishing Facilities 
  Melting Facilities 

The melting capacity of company is varied in nature as well as capacity. Following are the details of melting capacity in brief:  

Electrical Arc Furnace  Electrical Induction Furnace 
No Capacity No Capacity
1 4000 Kg 1 3000 Kg
2 3000 Kg 2 2000 Kg
    3 1500 Kg
    4 500 Kg

Moulding Facilities : Mechanized Moulding system consisting of Jolt Squeeze Pin Lift Moulding Machines, Intensive Sand Mixtures, Sand Mullers etc.. 

Core Making Facility

  • Co2 based core making system. 
  • Shell core manufacturing system. 
  • Self setting core making facilities. 

Pattern Making Facilities : In- House facility for Steel/Wooden pattern making. 

Machining Facilities : In -house machine shop comprises of various Lathe Machines, Heavy Duty Planner, Drill Machines, Boring Machines, Hydraulic Pressing Machines etc. 


  • Chemical Testing Laboratory: 

    This include among other latest & advance Spectrometer for checking chemical composition, sand testing laboratory , testing of chemical composition by wet analysis etc. 
  • Mechanical Testing Laboratory:

    A well equipped laboratory for testing of all kinds of mechanical properties. It includes Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Image Analyses for analyzing microstructure, Hardness Testing Machines, Load Testing Equipments etc. 
  • Non Destruction Laboratory:

    Company has got an In-House NDT Lab consisting of Approved Radiography Room, MPT Testing machine, Ultrasonic Flaw detectors and all other NDT testing facilities. These are controlled and operated by Level III / Level II certified Employee of the Company. 

Finishing Facilities

  • 3 Bogie Health Type Heat Treatment Furnace of varied capacities with adequate water/oil quenching facilities. 
  • Fully automatic Short Blast Machines of various Cabin Sizes. 
  • Various kinds of Pneumatic / Electric grinder / chipper etc.
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