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Rail Road

Cast Steel Products for Railway Industry is the company’s forte. We have got the widest range of cast steel components in this sector in India and enjoy status of leading approved vendor bt Indian Railways.

The company is now extending its boundaries and forging alliances with major players in Railroad industry in the world.  We  have recently entered into long term understanding with United Group Rail, Australia for supply of various cast steel components such as Brake Beams, Coupler Spares, Drawbar components etc.

Some of the major products of the company are:

Cast Steel Bogies and Spares:  
  • High Speed Bogie for Box and open Wagons
  • Bogies for Flat Container Wagons
  • Capable to produce any type of 'CAST Steel Bogie' as per customers design and specifications.
 High Speed Bogie Center Plates Break Beam

Couplers and Spares:
  • AAR design High Tensile Center Buffer Coupler for Freight Wagons. - E & F Types
  • MCA-PH Couplers for Meter Gauge Wagons/Coaches.
  • Alliance couplers.
  • Couplers for Locomotives - Transition Type.
  • All kinds of Spares such as Couplers Body, Knuckles, Yokes, Lock etc.
  • SA3/Russian Model Coupler
Alliance Coupler Head Draw Bar Couplers
  SA3/Russian Model Coupler  

Other Major Rail road products
Cast Steel / Fabricated Brake Beams
  • Currently Manufacturing for Indian Railways and United Group Rail, Australia - Cast Steel Unit Type.
  • Cast Steel Wheels.
  • Draw Gear Components such as Drawbar, Plunger, Spring Block etc.
  • Draft Gears, Adaptors, Axel Box Housings and almost 200 different type of other castings.
  • RIL-100 Draft Gear
Axel Box Housing Cast Steel Wheels RIL-100 Draft Gear

-Buffers and Spares: 

  • All types of High Capacity side Buffers & Spares for Coaching Stocks & motive powers.

New Developments

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